Friday, June 29, 2007

Room Ideas

I'm wanting to get matching table lamps and nightstands and am debating between these 2 table and lamp ideas. I would most likely switch the red shades to white. Just throwing the ideas around at the moment and haven't looked extensivley yet, so this is very preliminary. What do you think? And, if you know of other affordable, fun ideas, please let me know!

(Click the image to make it larger.)


Manuel said...

How about the nightstand on the right with the lamp on the left? You might want to consider a white lamp though ...doesn't West Elm have these in white?

Stacie said...

Thanks for your input Manuel! I like that idea! And yes, West Elm has a capiz lamp that I am quite fond of!

As much as I love the table on the right though, I am thinking more and more that it's unpractical. At 30" diameter, it is most likely too large for my space. The other one is only 18", which is much better for my room.

I'm also torn on the lights because the black one is only about 10" high. I like the drama the taller lamp implies, but feel that the black lamps would entertain my desire for a chandelier somehow.

Ohhh the search continues!

Christie said...

I like the table on the right and the lamp on the left as well. But if you are going more practical and need the space I would go the opposite, the table on the left and the lamp on the right for a little color pop! :)