Monday, February 25, 2008

My Fabulous Friend Lauren

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Got to see my good friend Lauren last night! She brought me flowers and champagne from the Trade Show she was working throughout the week! Lauren is the coolest! We met up at our old stomping grounds...The Venetian, but most specifically Postrio, where we would go for after-work drinks on occasion! Our friend Darren was bartending so that was good since I haven't seen him in ages! I also got to see the new Palazzo, which was nice but nothing to wrote home about. Am I ever glad I don't have to drive there everyday anymore! Anyway, it was a fun night and I'm so very glad I finally got to catch up with Lauren! Now if only we could figure out a way to do it more often!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Neutra House Numbers

I've long admired the Neutra House Numbers at DWR. In fact, I've been a fan of all things Neutra for many, many years now.

Tavola Workspace

Lusting after the Tavola Workspace at DWR!

An oldie but goodie

Boy, is this ever so relevant for most designers dealing with Marketing teams that want to cram copy in every nook an cranny.


Another interesting article in New York Magazine (I may need to subscribe after this!) is One Is the Loveliest Color about 5 New Yorkers living their lives in a daily ensemble of one color. New Yorker's really know how to create a signature look, don't they?

Lindsay as Marilyn

I'm sure by now everyone has heard of Lindsay Lohan's recent photo-spread in New York Magazine. If you haven't already seen the images, yu can view them here. I think they are just incredible! Lindsay did a great job channeling her idol in these.

((via New York Magazine))

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gorgeous Space : DVF

Diane von F├╝rstenberg Studio’s headquarters are absolutely divine! Love all the white with the pop of the hot pink wall, not to mention the pop art!

((via The Cool Hunter))

Last one, I promise

One more Daniel Eatock tidbit. I thought his alarm dance videos were hilarious! Made me want to have a little more fun in my own life with the ordinary things I encounter daily.

Holley Project

Another cool find from the Daniel Eatock website is this cool self portrait project.

Daniel's instructions:

Write a short text about yourself (300 words min / 500 words max) include interests, likes, dislikes, future plans etc.

Using black ink make a careful print from your thumb. Enlarged your black and white thumb print to approximately the size of your face.

Using a clean sheet of A3 paper, handwrite your text following the contour lines from your thumb print (you can use tracing paper, or thin copy paper)

Final result: You should have a combination of your own words, in your handwriting, in the pattern of your finger print forming a personal self portrait.

Email your finished portrait to daniel (at) eatock (dot) com

Daniel Eatock

I'm crazy about this old (2002) billboard campaign Daniel Eatock created for Channel 4 in London, England. He essentially created an art exhibit around the city by displaying a differnt Warhol piece in different areas. A guide was sent out in newspapers as an insert listing the different locations with a stylized map.

I also enjoyed this video of Daniel speaking in 2003. Loved the balancing act in the beginning and the spotlight on the red chair throughout the lecture.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bubble Gum Ad

This ad by Leo Burnett for Arcor makes me happy.

{{via The Cool Hunter}}

Monday, February 18, 2008

Dreaming of Adobe

Adobe CS3 Boxes
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Oh, how I wish the Creative Suite wasn't so expensive. I'm hesitating hardcore at installing Windows on my iMac so I can install my design programs. It's time for an upgrade regardless, as I am still on Photoshop 7! But, I just can't bring myself to put any of it on my new computer! What's the point of having a Mac if you're just going to be in a Windows environment, ya know? The Creative Suite is like $1800 though!!! How the hell is everybody else able to buy this? Oh, woe is me.

**Update: I now have CS2! Now I can design much more efficiently!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Unconditional Love

Listening to This American Life, a show I love listening to on public radio in the car when I remember to tune in, and before I got Sirius! Jordan of Oh Happy Day made note of the Unconditional Love episode and thought I'd give it a listen. As a parent, it hits home for me pretty hard.

One of the quotes that struck a chord for me in the "Love is a Battlefield" segment is...

If you're the kind of person who actually needs love, really needs love, chances are you're not the kind of person who's going to have the wherewithal to create it. Creating love is not for the soft and sentimental among us. Love is a tough business.
As a much too young single mother, I probably needed more love than I had to give and tough is one thing I've never been. I hope one day my son will understand this and know that I have always loved him with my entire being. He was always my reason to keep trudging along and still is.


My favorite font of the moment is Archer, a slab serif font by Hoefler & Frere-Jones. It was created specifically for Martha Stewart's Living magazine. Sweet! I'm gaga over it's dainty ball terminals!

Speaking of desks...

I got this little gem yesterday! My new iMac sits proudly on it's smooth birch wood surface. Normally, I'm drawn to dark wood, but for office purposes, I prefer light. I need color and light in my workspace!

Inspired: Photo Display

I find this photo display absolutely delicious! What a great way to display photos of your loved ones and introduce powerful pops of color into your decor. I like the desk too!

{{via CB2}}

New Balance 790 Surf

The bursts of aqua in these shoes by New Balance really appeal to me. They would look smashing against the bright trails at Red Rock Canyon! I want these badly!

Puma - Kick Grip Bag

This gym bag by Puma would make me want to go to the gym more!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

PRADA -Trembled Blossoms

Interesting video, Trembled Blossoms, for Prada by James Jean. An element of evil looms but beautiful nonetheless. At one point, it goes to show, all a woman really needs is one amazing pair of shoes!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Paul Rand

Paul Rand came up in conversation today at work and then I saw this cool video posted by the super amazing, always in the know, Kelly of Design Crush. Thanks Kelly!

If Only...

Now I just need this beauty of a desk to sit my pretty new Mac on!

{{West Elm}}

Mac Love

Well, I did it! I got the Mac! Craig helped me get it earlier than I thought I could. I decided to go with the 20" iMac instead of the Macbook Pro. I had them upgrade the RAM to 2GB and went with the 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, which is more than I would have had with the Macbook, plus the graphics card is better! My only concern was portability, then I realized I most likely wouldn't be taking it anywhere anyway. It's super sleek and sexy! I think I'm in love!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Color of the Year


I was looking through some of the Fall Collections from NY Fashion Week and noticed a heavy-handed trend of blues, greys and blacks. The blue was quite lovely and while contemplating it's hue, I remembered blue was Pantone's Color of the Year and realized it made its presence known in fashion this year, albeit, mostly in a more muted version.

Even Rachel Zoe got in on the blue action at Marc Jacobs.

***Update: On my new Mac with the kickass graphics card, the color of the year image swatch is showing a little more purple than it did on my other computer! Ooops! Maybe the color wasn't as hot this year in fashion as I previously thought it was. :) Wow..I feel as though I have been colorblind until now!

{{RZ image via Second City Style}}

McDonalds Rips Off David Carson

On the one hand, shame on McDonalds, but on the other...are McDonalds interiors really getting this hip? ;)

{{via Noisy Decent Graphics}}

Nike Poster

Nike Poster
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I loved this poster that I saw at the sporting goods store yesterday! Thanks t my handy iPhone, I was able to document it photographically in order to file it away as inspiration! The typography on skin is what really speaks to me, but I like everything about this really.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sex and Typography?!

Interesting combination! My interest has most definitely been picqued, only not by the title so much as the subject matter. The book, "Sex and Typography" is about the life and times of the creator of the James Bond title sequences, one of the early 'rockstar' designers, Robert Brownjohn.

Logo Evolution

The evolution of technology logos. I love the original Motorola logo!

Rachel Pally

This Rpally-Tie Halter Top is too cute! Perfect for a Valentine's Day date with your sweetie!

Or, try the more demure Aman top by Amanda Uprichard.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Magazine Redesign



I am BIG on simplistic design. Simplicity always packs more of a punch for me...clean and straight to the point. The redesign of Dairy Today magazine by Pentagram is a perfect example of the strength of simplicity when well done. Gotta love the 'glam' shots of the cows!

{{via How About Orange}}

Barack Obama is a Mac, and Hillary Clinton is a PC

Regardless of who you hold in the highest esteem, I thought this was an interesting study of their websites.

Graphic Designer Gear

Here is my dilemma...

I am really in need of a new computer set-up in order to be more efficient with design and photography at home (I currently have a PC). Almost all designer's I know have Macs. I always worked with Macs at school and then at my jobs and have ALWAYS wanted a Mac for home use, but could never afford one. Well, now I think might be the right time for me to dive in.

If I had it my way, I would get Adobe CS3 (EXPENSIVE!) for the Mac, but I just don't think this would be possible for awhile. I know you can use Bootcamp to operate software in Windows on the Mac, but I'm wondering how convenient this really is, since you have to restart your computer to switch between Windows and OSX. Do any of you have Macs and use this feature for programs like Photoshop or InDesign, for example?

Also, how many of you are using external hard drives for file storage to keep your computer clean?

And, if you have a Macbook Pro, did you go with the 15" or the 17"?

{{image via Apple}}

Monday, February 4, 2008

Carton Vase

I'm diggin' this porcelain Carton Vase by U.K. designer James Burgess, available through CB2.

Lily Lodge

I just adore Lily Lodge's dahlias and garden roses. They have some really unique vases too!

Lily Lodge Rose Guide for Valentine's Day:

Red: proclaim romantic love and fervent passion

White: says "I miss you," and expresses innocence and truth

Red and white: make a lovely combination on Valentine's Day, because together they symbolize harmony in a lasting relationship

Deep pink: express gratitude, and make a lovely gift for the one who is always there for you, or for a partner who you have recently reunited with

Lavender: represent love at first sight and enchantment

Pink: are the lighthearted choice, expressing happiness and joy

Pale pink: symbolize true grace, honesty, gentleness, and thankfulness

Coral and orange: are for passion

Peach: is for appreciation

Yellow: symbolizes friendship and freedom

Animal Planet logo

For a station evolving into more "adult-oriented" programming, they sure went with a rather childish looking logo. I would love to hear the theory behind it. I suppose one thing in it's favor is that it got my attention!

{{via TV Decoder}}

Frozen Grand Central Station

I love this little project by Improv Everywhere at Grand Central Station. It would have been so much fun to either participate or witness.

Made me think of this video too...

Sunday, February 3, 2008

So beautiful...

What lovely cover design in this little book of love poems by Pablo Neruda. Another sweet Valentine's Day idea!

{{via Black. White. Bliss}}

Wall Art

I love, love, love this Subway Sign from Pottery Barn! Of course, the red wall helps make it would it look with just a white wall behind it?

{{via Black. White. Bliss.}}

Creative Show and Tell

Here are a few of the things my creative team found inspiring for one reason or another at our Creative Show and Tell last week...

DJ Mehdi (feat Chromeo) - 'I Am Somebody' (the video above)
Studio Output
Reform Revolution
Cultivator Advertising and Design
David Carson Design (Typography)
Peter Sanitra
My selection was Think About It

We also had our field trip on Friday to the Las Vegas Art Museum, but they were unexpectantly CLOSED due to the installation of their next exhibit! We went out to eat at this cool little barbecue place across town instead.

Book List

Another book to add to my neverending list is Twlya Tharp's, The Creative Habit: Learn It and Use It for Life. While she expressed her creativity through dance, I think there is something that can be learned from all diciplines of creativity.

Ceramic Sparrow Vase

It says it's a vase, but I think it would work perfectly as a pen or pencil holder! I would love a handful of white (or bright yellow!) pencils in this pretty container.

Ceramic Sparrow Vase

Naughty & Nice

Another fun idea for Valentine's Day from Urban Outfitters is this slightly naughty coffee mug featuring a fig covered Adam and Eve. The naughty part comes in when it is filled with hot liquid...the fig leaves disappear. I think it's funny! But, then again, I do have quite a quirky sense of humor.

Love Vegas Style

I can't imagine actually using this pillowcase set, but I found it pretty whimsical. Cute idea for Valentine's Day. The King and Queen Pillowcase Set is available at Urban Outfitters.

Make Tea Not War

Cute little tea set from Urban Outfitters. With it's graphic design, the Make Tea Not War Set would look just lovely sitting on a kitchen counter.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Business Cards

22squared Business Cards
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Here is a cool new way to print your business a booklet! This is really quite clever, isn't it?

{{Shinebox Print}}