Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Pumpkins fans
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I love Daniel Boud's concert photography. I find I am most drawn to his crowd shots though. He captures the emotions of excited concert-goers so perfectly. This shot in particular brings back a really fond memory for me.

Around 1994, I went to Lollapalooza with a few friends. Somehow we ended up backstage and I got separated. No biggie, I was totally at home there, having fun meeting new people and mingling with the artists. I missed the actual concerts because of this, but I didn't care, I was having too much fun being social! One person I met though, grabbed my hand at one point and led me towards some stairs. he had a surprise for me...as I got to the top of the stairs I felt an incredible rush of excitement as I was practically blown away from an industrial strength fan blowing towards me, coupled with the most intense, melodic guitars blazing loudly. It was of course, the Smashing Pumpkins and I was right on stage with them!! What really got me was seeing the concert from their point of view. The crowd was totally in the moment and LOVING the band! I just thought that must be an incredible feeling for the band (or any band really), knowing they were responsible for these elated emotions in so many people at once.

I also had my picture taken with the Beastie Boys and George Clinton of P Funk All Stars that day. Never got to see the shots though...was unsure what they were taken for!

Ahhh, those were the days!

What are your most memorable concert experiences?


Dani said...

I have too many concert stories to remember ... here's a couple:

(a) getting pulled over by a cop for an illegal turn before an Ani DiFranco concert - my passengers had to hide open containers of alcohol under the seat. He didn't see the alcohol and let us go w/o a ticket.

(b) hanging backstage with Good Charlotte (Nicole and Paris' current twin-bros. beaus) and dancing w/ their drummer who opened my beer (also that night, my passengers spilled Red Pucker alcohol on the floor of my car, the stain is still there).

(c) taking my family to Lilith Fair, where we all uncomfortably ignored the two lesbians sitting next to us making out. (it was the 90s, I was 16, and gay public affection was still taboo).

(d) One of my favorites though, was meeting and hugging Ben Harper! He's so hot and yummy, making standing for hours that night SO worth it.

...I'm hoping to add some new stories this summer (including Bret Michaels from "Poison" and "Rock of Love").

Stacie said...

Love your concert stories! I hoped you'd pipe in with the Ben Harper one.....that really was a fun night in spite of the lack of sound and sooo random that an hour or so after the concert we bumped into Mr. Harper himself! I loved that you got a hug from him! It made me super happy seeing that!

meet me at mikes. a happy place for crafty types said...

Oh YES! The Beastie Boys! We were stuck up the back and could hardly see! But lo and behold - they ran from the stage and around the back of the audience and hi-fived all us stuck-up-the-back-ers! I even name my shop after Mike D! I love the Beasties!

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