Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Graphic Designer Gear

Here is my dilemma...

I am really in need of a new computer set-up in order to be more efficient with design and photography at home (I currently have a PC). Almost all designer's I know have Macs. I always worked with Macs at school and then at my jobs and have ALWAYS wanted a Mac for home use, but could never afford one. Well, now I think might be the right time for me to dive in.

If I had it my way, I would get Adobe CS3 (EXPENSIVE!) for the Mac, but I just don't think this would be possible for awhile. I know you can use Bootcamp to operate software in Windows on the Mac, but I'm wondering how convenient this really is, since you have to restart your computer to switch between Windows and OSX. Do any of you have Macs and use this feature for programs like Photoshop or InDesign, for example?

Also, how many of you are using external hard drives for file storage to keep your computer clean?

And, if you have a Macbook Pro, did you go with the 15" or the 17"?

{{image via Apple}}


Ghost said...

It is possible to purchase or build a regular PC, buy OS X, and then install it on said PC. This would be substantially cheaper than buying a Mac.

Unfortunately, it requires a good bit of computer nerditry.

Stacie said...

Gotta say, I pretty much have my mind made up on the Mac. I've always wanted one and can't fathom spending any decent amount of money on a PC if what I really wanted was a Mac. The deciding factor for me was going to the Apple store and seeing that the 15" would work better for me than the 17"...traslation = much more affordable!