Monday, February 4, 2008

Lily Lodge

I just adore Lily Lodge's dahlias and garden roses. They have some really unique vases too!

Lily Lodge Rose Guide for Valentine's Day:

Red: proclaim romantic love and fervent passion

White: says "I miss you," and expresses innocence and truth

Red and white: make a lovely combination on Valentine's Day, because together they symbolize harmony in a lasting relationship

Deep pink: express gratitude, and make a lovely gift for the one who is always there for you, or for a partner who you have recently reunited with

Lavender: represent love at first sight and enchantment

Pink: are the lighthearted choice, expressing happiness and joy

Pale pink: symbolize true grace, honesty, gentleness, and thankfulness

Coral and orange: are for passion

Peach: is for appreciation

Yellow: symbolizes friendship and freedom


Kelly said...

those are absolutely beautiful. i would be beyond thrilled to receive a bunch!

Stacie said...

Me too!!!