Saturday, May 26, 2007

Dance Week

Recital Blur
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It just so happened that my time spent at the spa coincided with their Dance Week. Every year the spa brings 3 professional dancers (Broadway, New York City Ballet Company, etc) to teach special dance classes. I was so inspired by Russell Warfield's teaching style (Russell pictured below in the background).
They also put on a recital featuring guests and spa staff at the end of the week (freestyle at the end, pictured above). Something pushed me to take a class, which turned into 4 classes total....Hip Hot, African Rhythm, Ballet and Belly Dancing. I have to say, I have never felt more alive and joyful in my entire life! If only I could go back year after year for Dance Week! Needless to say, I promised myself when I came home I would start taking REAL dance classes at the best studio in town, Backstage Studio. I have to buy shoes first, though. Here are 3 (dance sneakers, jazz shoes and ballet slippers) from I have my eye on...


Anonymous said...

I was there during dance week too... I loved it. I only took a couple of the classes, but they were so fun. And, the big show at the end of the week was great.


Stacie said...

How crazy is it that we both went during Dance Week?