Thursday, July 26, 2007

Career Conundrums

Anyone ever deal with any of this in the office?

Office Politics
Power Plays
The Halo Effect
Brownnosers, Backstabbers & Bullies
Office Spirit Killers

I have a friend dealing with a sudden barrage of things like this and I don't know how to advise on it since I have never had to deal with anything like this in my lifetime before. I feel so bad for her because she has never had a problem with anyone in her entire professional life, has always been well liked and is at a place she wanted to spend her whole career at, while there are others tinkering with her that are most likely only there temporarily.

Any advice for my friend?

Here are some interesting articles on the subjects...

Ok,ok. It's not a friend. It is me going through all of this!

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Anonymous said...

no one should have to go through a terrible work environment....she is obviously above all the drama. It is so sad to hear some people cannot leave their personal opinions and petty problems at home...I hope that your friend can make it!