Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Insolated Lunch Totes

These are the cutest lunch totes I have ever seen!


Anonymous said...

Love the designs on these, it reminds me of a duvet cover I was looking for. Speaking of duvets, I could use your "design" advice. I want a new duvet (cheap of course), but haven't been able to find one I love.

I have chocolate brown furniture and chocolate brown sheets, and one tan accent wall (all very neutral). What color of duvet, bed skirt and accessories should I get?


Christie said...

Those are so cute! I am going to get a few! You have such great taste!

Stacie said...

Thanks Christie! They may be temporarily out of stock but I may preorder a few myself!

Dani -
I'm hooked on boutique hotel style looks at the moment, so maybe something like this could work...


There's nothing better than crisp white bedding and I think it looks really smart with the chocolate accents. It's reasonably priced, too.

Danielle said...

I love the idea... but I don't think I'm ready for something as formal as 'hotel chic' yet. I think I'm still in a 'cozy casual' phase. Here are the three I'm debating over, I really like the hint of another color too, like green or blue. Let me know what you think





p.s. good luck blogging, what a bummer about your internet!

Stacie said...

Danielle...I lovethe first one but the gray is throwing me considering you have a tan accent wall and chocolate colored furniture and sheets.

I think this is similar top the first one but might flow better in the room...

Yopu might also be able to jazz something like this up with accent pillows and interesting objects/art around the room...


Or, how bout this from one of my fav designers collections...