Friday, October 19, 2007

Metaphorical Alligators

From the Karen Salmansohn blog newsletter I subscribe to:

You know how it’s easier to walk a plank that’s on solid ground, instead of one that’s plunked above an alligator-infested lagoon -- because the fear of those yapping hungry alligators makes you less focused on what you desire?

The same is true with your career. You must avoid staring at your metaphorical-alligators, and instead stay focused on your supporting plank, which in careerland is composed of two strong fibers:

(1)Your confidence -- what you know you have going for you

(2) Your passion -- what know you really want

If you’re stuck in a job you hate it’s probably because you’re staring at your metaphorical-alligators. Today re-focus on your supporting plank. Make a list of your areas of high self esteem and reasons for high passion. Whenever fear strikes, strike back with these lists!


Karen is full of good advice! I have several of her books and recommend them to anyone wanting to be the best they can be in regards to their career & living their dreams....especially women!

Images above are from her post-it-note book, Quickie Stickies.

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