Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Victoria's Secret

So, my last order from Victoria's Secret ended up being a delivery nightmare. It took about a month and a half for my order to arrive! Apparently they are going through some changes with their order processing facility. Well, they just sent me a really nice discount for my next order to make up for it!!!

After going from store to store over on both Saturday and Sunday only to leave each one empty handed...nothing fit or looked right..I decided I can't go wrong with knee high boots from VS! I would never have been able to buy them if it weren't for the discount, so I went for it! Along with the boots, I purchased a cute little sweater in one of my favorite shades of green.

I wish I could have also ordered their new SuperModel perfume (surpirisngly, I thought it smelled pretty good in their catalog!) and the Heide Klume Glitter EyeLiner in Bang to layer over my regular eyeliner.

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