Saturday, September 29, 2007

Guide for New Managers

Great article on effective Managing:

Guide for New Managers-Leaders

"Any manager who acts simply as a "boss and evaluator" is not providing members of his or her team with an environment that encourages maximum productivity. The most effective managers lead their team members with clarified goals and systems, sensitive listening, opportunities for involvement in shaping operations, opportunities for professional growth, and non-intrusive monitoring. A major goal is to give team members help when they need it, not to "catch" them at not succeeding. Solid leadership behaviors are a foundation of good management.

Good managers focus on basic needs of team members: Those basic needs are:
1. Belonging.
Employees can be most productive if they perceive themselves as valued members of a team.
2. Personal power.
Team members need to be respected and recognized to maintain their enthusiasm.
3. Freedom.
Having choices and control over one’s own work
processes can be a major motivating factor. Second-guessing and over-direction from a manager are major demotivating
4. Fun.
The best managers know that balanced opportunities for relaxation, humor, and socializing are an important part of
motivating team members."

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