Wednesday, September 26, 2007

White Lacquer Nightstands by John Widdicomb

Love, love, LOVE these White Lacquer Nightstands by John Widdicomb!!!

((via 1st Dibs))

Had to take a quick breather! I've been slammed with 15 different last minute design projects (posters, recipe cards, coupons, itinerary, drawing tickets, etc) for an event at work tomorrow night! And that's on top of the other projects I had already been working on! Inhale.....exhale....

I honestly love my work and prefer it when I am busy. I do wish more thought went into giving me these projects a tad earlier each month though. It scares me to have this amount of projects thrown at me right at the last me too many opportunities to miss the details and possibly not meet my deadlines. Maybe that's the point? :P

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