Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Navy?!

My son just informed me he is thinking of enlisting in the Navy, the Navy SEALS being his ultimate goal. While I am very proud of him for wanting to do something good for our country and for thinking very thoughtfully about his own future, I am terrified at the very thought of this!

I am fearful that something could happen to him and fearful of him not needing his Mom anymore. I can't hold him back from becoming a man forever...he just turned 18. But, knowing I was needed somehow by him always gave me a sense of purpose. I do realize this could provide him with some amazing opportunities to help him through the rest of his life though. I'm just torn.

I am losing control of every aspect of my life at the moment and think I may need some help in turning it all around, if not for my sake, then for my families (Craig included) sake. Just don't know where to turn.

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