Thursday, August 16, 2007

How Photography Can Make You a Better Designer

I loved this pictorial/Q&A of many designers by Laura Brunow for JPG magazine. As a designer, I have a strong relationship with photography myself, so it's nice to see other designers views on the subject.

My favorite quote from the article was from Steph Goralnick:
"What do you find most challenging about your work?
The greatest challenge I have found in the field of graphic design is staying perpetually inspired despite the considerable amount of time I spend confined to an decidedly uninspiring cubicle. There are times when no amount of novelty pens can alleviate these unfortunate circumstances. Some of my combat techniques against the dullness include traveling to far-flung places, throwing absurd theme parties and going to the movies dressed as a pirate. The best medicine, however, is proving to be bread with a little chocolate pudding."

JPG Magazine article

Images by Kara Pecknold and Steph Goralnick

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