Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Wheel of Values Update

Well, we finished the room. I think it looks pretty good. The magic happens when we actually play the game though. Whenever someone comes in and asks about it, I turn on the Wheel of Fortune theme song, grab the microphone and run through the game, giving the contestant a prize of candy at the end. Fun!

Thank God I bought 'extras'! I had said I would buy and make the wheel and we were all going to buy things for the room over the weekend and bring them in on Monday. My team (my manager and the coordinator) showed up empty handed, so I was grateful to have gone above and beyond on my own on this one, otherwise we would have just had a wheel on the door! uggh. Lots of props to Nikki for blowing up all the balloons, and to Danielle for getting up on the little ladder (in heels!) to cover the lights to create more ambiance.



Cari Vegas said...

As I wandered through the store with you gathering all those supplies I couldn't imagine what it was going to look like. Your creative vision is amazing and you did an incredible job!

Christie said...

That looks so fun! You have to win the contest! You have such a creative mind. I could have never come up with something like that!