Monday, August 20, 2007

Movies from the 70's

I watched 2 movies that were made in the 70's yesterday, Dog Day Afternoon (1975) and Annie Hall (1977). Both GREAT films! You can't just can't top Al Pacino or Diane Keaton!

I actually met Al Pacino during the filming of Heat (1995). While taking a break from shooting, Al wandered away from the crew and came right over to me, from about a hundred+ feet away! It really took me aback and I was pretty much at a loss for words when he said, "Hi. How's it going?". I couldn't believe (still can't believe) that he walked all that way just to say hello to little ol' me!

“Meeting Al Pacino is terrifying. But he puts you at your ease because he knows its terrifying – he’s been dealing with that for a long time." -Insomnia director Christopher Nolan

The pic above is for you, Mom! She's a HUGE Pacino fan.
{{photo via Pacino Worldwide}}

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