Thursday, August 2, 2007

Zany InHouse Graphic Designers

Some good morale suggestions for inhouse design teams over at the InHOWse forums...

"After years of trying to lift the morale of my team by trying to change the way the rest of the company treated us, I came to a small, but incredibly useful epiphany... if it is your team's morale that you want to lift, then focus on the little, simple things that you can do for your team. In an ideal world, we could educate the rest of the company and bring them around to see the full value that a creative team can bring. I strongly believe in positioning an in-house design team as a strategic partner to the company and everyday we get there with baby steps. But where I focus the majority of my energy is making a difference in my team's day to day work lives where I can. I swear, the simpliest, silliest things can make a difference. MUSIC is the easiest way to start picking up the vibe. If you can't listen communally as a team, network your iTunes. We actually have Friday night DANCE PARTIES each week. Religiously at 4pm each Friday, the headphones come off and the speaker gets turned up and we groove while we design. We rotate who DJs each week. FOOD is another amazing way to lift spirits. I'm not talking "let's do lunch", but more along the lines of keeping a stash of fun snacks around. LAUGHTER definitely is the best medicine and don't underestimate the power of toys at work. Get your TEAM involved and brainstorm with them about little things you can do each week that give you all something to look forward to. I know a lot of this can sound frivolous, but they have made a big difference in our worklife. Nothing to lose in trying."

Check this article out for more fun ideas!!!80 for 50 by Justin Knecht

{{photo above of The Society of Graphic Designers of Canada by oo}}

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