Sunday, August 19, 2007

Wheel of Values

So, I spent my entire day off yesterday shopping for supplies with Cari to make a wheel of fortune type contraption, which I proceeded to spend many hours putting together, thankfully, with the help of my mother. I also bought letters to make a banner that reads, "Wheel of Values", a toy microphone for 'Pat', a feather boa for 'Vanna', candy and a container, and a backsplash for the wall of letters. The reason for all this silliness, an office decorating contest at work to reinforce our new 'Values'. I have no idea what the prize is...we weren't informed, but I sure hope it's good and I hope we win after all the money I spent ($60!!! which I REALLY needed since this month is my sons birthday!) and effort I've already put into it!

I'm so glad my department decided to go with the game show idea...I had wanted our room to be interactive so when the judges come to inspect it, we will be quizzing them on the values. Fun stuff! :)

I think the wheel turned out pretty good! I'm so glad I found the gold platter to use as a base! I think that makes it so much better than if I had just used poster board, and it adds a little flash. I can't wait to see what all my team brings in to add to our project! Our office is going to be so decked out!

For full set of project photos, click here.

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