Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Morning

This morning was enjoyable for me. I went to the store last night with Craig and Austin and bought things to decorate Nikki's (my boss) desk with in honor of her birthday, so Danielle and I 'pinkified' Nikki's side of the office first thing this morning. There's pink streamers and ribbons everywhere (even hanging from the ceiling and tied into a big bow around her chair), a Happy Birthday banner, confetti all over her desk, a Tiara that lights up for Nikki to wear and even Barbie bubbles to blow when she walks!

I also brought in cute girly school supplies for the elementary school my company is sponsoring. It felt good knowing that I was helping an underpriviledged child show up to school with not only the tools to learn, but stylish ones at that! I added a little lunch money in the pocket of the backpack, too. Hope it helps!

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