Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Apple iPhone

Do any of you have an Apple iPhone or are thinking about getting one?

After hearing my friend Sabina rave about hers and then having my friend Manuel try to convince me to get one, I started reading up & watching demos on the sleek looking gadget.

I am SOLD! I want one so bad I can taste it!

I keep trying to talk myself into getting one with one of my first paychecks as a congratulatory gift to myself of sorts...hehe. But then I talk myself out of it since my son and boyfriend, both of whom I communicate by phone the most would be on different networks then and it could get expensive on a monthly basis due to that. Uggh.

I really, really want one though!

UPDATE: I just found out everyone in my department has one!!! That's it! Now I HAVE to get one...hehe.

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