Monday, December 3, 2007

Wisdom Gained

What I've learned from my ordeal so far:

Being well-liked among the entire company doesn't matter if the new boss doesn't like you.

Being well-liked among the entire company can make the new boss not like you.

Nobody will stand up for you no matter how well-liked you are in the company.

Most importantly, LIFE IS NOT FAIR. And people are not as good at heart as I naively liked to think they are. People can be downright evil.

By the way, I wasn't fired. Close to it though, as new Management had been trying their best to build a case against me for many, many, many months. They made my life a living hell on a daily basis for almost an entire year with their unfair treatment, uneven policies, illegal practices and intense scrutiny.

My work life suddenly turned into high school all over again. Because I didn't participate in bad-mouthing everyone at the company I had been employed for 3 years, I was not to be trusted by the incompetent newbies apparently. My quality of work, loyalty and dedication suddenly didn't make a difference anymore.

I may delete this soon. Don't want it to hinder any future job opportunities even though the market is dry. Really needed to vent for a moment though. And maybe it will help anyone else going through something similar.


In(side) the Loop said...

I am so sorry! I feel your pain...I have been miserable at 2 of my previous jobs for this exact same ordeal. In fact, my last boss told someone "I was too New York." What does that even mean? I am from Louisiana! I hate work place politics and can't wait until one day I am doing something on my own. And showing my employees how everyone should be treated. Hang in there and chin up. You're better than that petty b.s.

Stacie said...

Thanks for the encouragement! Walking away from a situation like this leaves you confused, angry and worried about your future. But, knowing there are other people out there who have endured these types of things and came out winning, makes me feel much more hopeful about the whole thing!