Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Chocolate Santa, originally uploaded by sfraz71.

Well, I think I pulled off my Santa duties without a hitch this year! I'm truly amazed that I was able to do anything for loved ones after having a whole month with no paycheck. Thank goodness for the freelance work Manuel hooked me up with! It saved the day!

A few gifting highlights...

For Austin:
Juke cell phone/mp3
remote control helicopter
monogrammed Ralph Lauren bath towel
gift card for the shooting range (yikes!)

For Craig:
Sirius radio
3 month subscription for Sirius radio
sweater & pants
gift card for shooting range
monogrammed Ralph Lauren bath towel
Spa For Men skin care products

For Mom:
blanket/throw she had been wanting
exercise trampoline
cool tea set with blossoming flowers
manicure products
monogrammed Ralph Lauren bath towel

I'm so thankful for all I received this year too!

Craig gave me a nice printer. He also paid for the groceries for Christmas dinner that my mom prepared.

My mom and Austin gave me shirts, the game Cranium and a cool candle holder!

What a beautiful Christmas this turned out to be afterall.

For more gifting goodness, I found this post by Jessica Claire to be an enjoyable read. Browse all of the comments to see what her readers were wanting and giving for Christmas this year.How was your Christmas? What were your favorite gifts given and received?

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