Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ohhhh iPhone

Oh how I wish that I could run out after work and blow my first paycheck on this pretty little gadget! Rent and car payment are awaiting though, not to mention the new work wardrobe items I am badly in need of. Plus I still need to pay Craig back for helping me with a couple things while I was unemployed for a month. I guess the iPhone will have to wait awhile.

Nicole of A Little Sussy got one for Christmas...lucky girl!

Did any of you get an iPhone this year?


Manuel said...

You NEED to get one!

Maybe we can go next Friday during lunch?

I also found this awesome company that can customize your iPhone with different colors and even logos!

Check out I am thinking about getting this done. Any suggestions?

Stacie said...

I'm feelin' the alpine green with steel or white accents, personally! That's pretty cool!

There is no way in hell I will be able to afford a new iPhone by this Friday! :(

I need to get caught up a little first, then we'll go!