Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Paper Source

One of my favorite stores to browse online is Paper Source. They have so many wonderful paper products and so much more! I am always inspired when I look at their products!

I have been busying myself by putting together Cristmas Cards I purchased from Paper Source in a do it yourself kit! So relaxing, almost therapeutic for me! The only problem is that I should have bought 2 sets instead of one. Thank goodness I had some backups of my own design printed up! I can't wait to send them all out!

I would love if Paper Source opened a store here in Vegas! I would completely lose myself there every single weekend.


Manuel said...

Great website!

One of my favorite places, especially for Holiday cards, is

Christie said...

OMG I want some too! These are great! I will have a lot of time on my hands after this weekend. I think I am going to start getting back to my creative side. I like that side of me :)

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