Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Job

A few highlights of the new job:

I have an actual window! I can see the sunlight!

I have a much more spacious desk!

I now have 2 flat screen computer monitors!

I have a much more comfortable chair!

I have access to learning materials!

2 words: BUSINESS CASUAL! That means I can wear cute outfits with JEANS!

My boss has a great sense of humor! How refreshing!

My drive is 20 minutes tops each way! That shaves at least 80 minutes total off my old commute! Plus I only have to take one road to get there. And, it isn't the same route as the old tractors and construction trucks that I used to get stuck behind all the time! And, I don't have to deal with ridiculous convention traffic anymore! Yay!

My new schedule is 7am - 4pm. It's still light outside when I leave work! I LOVE it! I feel like I can actually have a life outside of work now!

My office is located conveniently near some of my favorite places in town...Town Square, the District, the Outlet Mall, the Bootlegger, Panevino and even the airport!

Though I am feeling a little lonely there at the moment, on top of being scared out of my mind at the newness of it all. I really miss all of the great friends I had at CR.

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Anonymous said...

lots of positives hun!!!