Monday, January 14, 2008

Fresh & Easy

Hollywood fresh and easy sign is up!
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I finally made it over to the new Fresh & Easy grocery store on Saturday. Like the sign says, it really is Fresh & Easy. It is a bit sterile looking inside, but it's super convenient and quick to buy grocery staples there! They don't have a hug selection but what they have is pretty good. I will most likely just shop for meat, prepared salads and things like dried cranberries, almonds and banana chips.

Let me just tell you, their meat is amazing! We bought the chicken and prepared it that night. We loved it so much that I went back the following day to get more. I also bought salmon, which we had tonight and loved. Apparently their chicken (along with most of ther meat selection) is all natural, no growth hormones. That must be the reason it tasted so good!

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Teal Chic said...

That's great to hear. We are supposed to get one in 2009, and I hadn't heard much about them. Thanks!! :)