Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Years Day

juno-poster2-big, originally uploaded by iamknit.

Heading to the District today to go see Juno with my mom! I have been wanting to see this for weeks and am excited I finally get to go! I hope this movie doesn't turn me into a crybaby while watching it! It's sure to hit a nerve with me, as I had my son at such a young age, I'm sure to relate to much of it.

The rest of my day will involve laundry and cleaning. I have to take the Christmas tree down too. I want to start 2008 off in an organized fashion.

Happy 2008 everyone!


Christie said...

So how was the movie??? I really want to see it!
Hope you had a great New Year! This year is going to be great Stacie! I can feel it in my bones!

Love you!

Kelly said...

did you like it?? it became an instant favorite for me. i was barely out of the theater before wanting to see it again!