Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lookie! Lookie!

I got it!
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Well, I caved in today and bought the iPhone! After seeing that no new iPhone release had been announced at the keynote address for Mac Expo, I decided to go for it! I bought this in honor of my new job and fresh take on life!


In(side) the Loop said...

YEAH FOR YOU!!! You'll love it! The ease of taking pics and emailing them keeps me (and my emailed friends) entertained for hours. Congrats on your new tech toy.

Stacie said...

Thanks! I'm super excited! Now I wish all my friends had one too!

Meghan said...

We are so excited for you (Dawn S. & Me)...we miss you terribly and are so stoked that you're genuinly happy. Love you...miss you. xoxMeghan