Saturday, January 26, 2008

Print & Finish

Just picked up this book, "Print and Finish" by Gavin Ambrose & Paul Harris and am really enjoying it! At work we have been meeting with print shops in order to see what's available to us locally, so I thought I had better brush up on some of my print knowledge. At my old job, they wouldn't even let me do spot colors! Now it's like the world has opened up to me design-wise and I might finally have the opportunity to pump up my designs with fun things like die-cutting, varnishes, etc.

If you're interested in these things, I highly recommend picking up this book!


Kelly said...

the print process is so tedious, but worthwhile. it's the ONE thing i miss about my old job. at my current one i'm too far removed.

Stacie said...

Are you moving more towards web design or heavier into the marketing side of things?